The information on my website, appointments and recommendations that I offer are not approved by the FDA. You should consult a physician before taking any herb or oil recommendations or before starting a new exercise regimen. I am not a doctor, therefore I do not prescribe drugs. Our appointments do not constitute a physician-patient relationship.

 I educate people about herbs, and they can and do interact with pharmaceuticals and may be unsafe during pregnancy, nursing, and other situations; therefore, you should ask a qualified person who has the knowledge of both before combining herbs, drugs and special situations. What you do with your knowledge of herbal remedies are done at your own discretion and I do not hold any liability for the use of the herbs, supplements, or treatments discussed or provided. I do not diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease.

Also do not run by the pool - that has been proven time and again to be an unsafe practice😊.

Stay well and I look forward to helping you!

Dave Weber

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