Dave's Story

It all started with my best friend, Kimberly Sechser. I blame her (in a good way) for getting me involved with natural medicine. During our courtship and early marriage days (we got married on Aug 16, 2014), she showed me how to use essential oils when I got sick. I had my large intestine removed when I was the tender age of 16 due to ulcerative colitis. She showed me the benefits of using herbs in place of pharmaceuticals—I traded my digestive drugs for slippery elm🌿. She also set me up to get my feet zoned for the first time in Grace, ID. That first experience was incredible! I slept better and my guts felt amazing and regulated afterwards! That was my "a-ha, this really works!!" moment. Well, it struck a chord with me because I've always been interested in health "healing" care. 

Even further back before marriage, I wanted to do something to help others heal from disease so I figured nursing was a good fit. I was in the middle of taking nursing courses early in my marriage when I found that nursing wasn't for me. I wanted a more one-on-one healing experience without all of the rush and paperwork. So I learned about alternative healthcare options, including herbal medicine, and turned this new fascination of holistic healing into what is now Dave Weber's Foot Zoning.

On March 7, 2019, I passed the certification test by Master Foot Zoneologist, Jeanne Harold, at the School of Zone Restoration. She was personally trained by Dr. Charles Ersdal who was famous for his introduction of foot zoning to the United States. I got registered for membership with the Utah Foot Zone Association, UFZA. In June '23 I became a UFZA Board Member—Marketing/Social Media.

I have personally seen the marvelous healing effects of foot zoning with 100's of people. I've witnessed individuals get their health, and even their life's purpose or "WHY" figured out (because zoning can help you get more connected with your "self"). What would you accomplish if you knew you could do anything?

I am optimistic about where foot zoning can take you. My life's WHY and passion is foot zoning and educating about simple, yet life altering information to support you on all levels of your health.

Let's begin this new health journey together.

Your Friend and Alternative Medicine Mentor,

Dave Weber😊

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