The Ionic Foot Cleanse Experience

   I offer a neat device called an Ionic Foot Cleanse. The treatment is 30 mins long and is done by soaking your feet in hot water with an array that does the toxin pulling. Its benefits include pulling out candida, free radicals (cellular toxins), viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals. It improves energy, metabolism and immune function. It also decreases pain, swelling, fatigue, and lymphatic congestion.

   The Ionic Foot Cleanse works by emitting negative ions into the water of a foot bath basin. The hot water and the ions help open up the feet's pores, and through a magnetically binding process, pulls out the toxins through the feet. The water will change color according to which body system is most hindered with toxins. For instance, seeing dark green in the water is a result of detoxifying the liver; and I see this one the most. We are surrounded by pollutants that we breathe in, most of our cosmetics — creams, hair products, and lotions, are very hard on the liver (yes, it gets absorbed through the skin and the poor liver has to process that in addition to all the other insults we put on it with processed foods and drugs we consume.) In my practice, I describe this treatment as the SEEing part of what I do. The FEELing part is the foot zone😊. However, I FELT the difference after my first cleanse and I can promise you that it works!


   Some signs include smelly breath, metallic taste in the mouth, increased body odor, flatulence, bloating, itchy skin, rashes, sneezing, low energy, gets sick easily, etc. Not so pleasant stuff.


   I'm going to simply say that most folks need the foot zone experience first and should supplement that with the cleanse. The zone gets the body into balance. The cleanse is primarily focused on detoxification. You can still just do the cleanse and receive remarkable benefits. For best results, I recommend about 12 cleanses, spaced out at 2-3 per week.

But I thought you said that foot zoning detoxes the body? Indeed it does; a little bit more gradual compared to the Ionic Foot Cleanse. I often say that the Ionic Foot Cleanse is "detoxification on steroids!" If you are really struggling to get rid of excess toxins, and you want something to supplement the foot zone, then getting a cleanse is right for you!


Excellent question! A dear client of mine was very impressed with what I do for people, all from their own two feet. She had bought the cleansing machine years before because she was very impressed with its efficacy of whole body detoxification. After using it religously for a time, she put it away into storage. She didn't like how it was just sitting there not being used, so she asked me if I would use it in my practice. She saw me as the foot guy and should offer another foot related thing. I was so very delighted and gratefully accepted that gift!

I've come upon this device without any inkling of expectation because I had never experienced a cleanse like that before. So I unpacked it, reviewed the instructions, and did my first cleanse. About 12 min in, I felt a little sick. Then I started feeling my gallbladder like it was angry. Then the weirdest sensation was that it felt like my guts were being pulled down towards my feet! The best part is yet to come!

  So during all of this, I was noticing the water change color. I saw a black cloud coming out of my right foot and just covering it. Here's where foot zoning and ionic foot cleanses come together. Black is severe liver toxins. The liver signal in zoning is on the right foot. Cool huh? The liver on the right foot was emitting black stuff which is liver toxins according to the instructions manual, and my liver area in my abdomen hurt! I had no idea what to expect for my first cleanse, so this experience made me know FOR CERTAIN that this device does what it's supposed to do!

Watch a review of the Ionic Foot Cleanse below!

This device has been a tremendous blessing in 100's of thousands of people's lives.

"Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda

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