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On this page I will add some interesting links and information that will help you in your healing journey and beyond.

1. Lets start off with the herbalist class I am trained in. If you are interested in herbs, want to order some because I recommended some to you, or you want to turn your passion of herbs into an expertise and become a HomeGrown Herbalist, you can do that at Dr. Patrick Jones' HomeGrown Herbalist Website. The LINKS in this paragraph are my referral links. Thank you for your support!😉

a. Rezzimax Tuner Pro affiliate link and coupon code. ⭐BUY IT! Copy: DWFOOTZONING then click HERE to get your $75 Discount!

2. AO Scanning. What's that? It's frequency technology that boosts your entire body's health—calibrated to all the cells' frequency patterns in the body. It uses your voice to determine your current health and emotional needs as well. It is a life changer! I was at a Next Gen Business Workshop with Krista Bigler, who has a business based upon this technology, and I told her I didn't sleep well the night before. She did the "focus" and "energy boosting" program for me and I was WIRED like all day long! I had a hard time getting to sleep the next night because I still had so much energy! If you would like more info or book a session with Krista, click HERE. Next, we have Krista's website which has other fun trinkets that I think you'll enjoy, like Negative Ion Bracelets. I wear mine everyday and it truly increases my overall balance, flexibility and strength! >>Authentic Healing with Krista<<

3. My wife Kimberly and I are doing seminars and training with a focus on personal development, corporate team building, and youth activities. We help people overcome their fears, limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, and any other barriors they may face. We also help them create meaningful goals, action-driven inspiration, training for low ropes courses, and even glass walking (don't worry, it's perfectly safe if you follow all instrustions😉), and we have other challenges that help you become UNSTOPPABLE! So, if you resonate with this, want to break free, and shatter your barriers, then this is the right step for you! Come on over to Fired Up Seminars and Training for more details about our upcoming events!

4. A shout-out to my sister Alicia Humphreys! She created my foot zone logo!! Thank you for your creative expertise. The throwback logo is shown below under the "Find a Foot Zoner Near You" button. Alicia can be found on Facebook and she is offering Humphreeze freeze-dried treats in Idaho Falls, ID! I can't get enough of those Star Bursts, and Big Hunks, and Skittles, I need to pace myself haha!

5. I was trained by Master Foot Zoneologist Jeanne Harold. She quite literally saved my life because of the catalyst she has been for my Alternative Medicine journey! Her website, which offers classes and foot zone sessions, can be found here. Her practice and school is located in Lewiston, UT. If you want to be trained by her, be sure to mention my name!😉

6. Please share this link with your friends. It's my foot zoning digital business card. Thanks!

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