Marriage Enrichment

Marriage Enrichment, or ME, was founded by Victor and Lois Cline in 1978. ME is now in the loving hands of Dean and Joan Connolly. They cover such crucial  topics as, you guessed it, marriage development. Their slogan is "Love is a Daily Decision." If you are serious about having a lasting marriage—whether you're struggling or if things are going well in your marriage—then I highly recommend attending this with your spouse. My wife Kimberly and I attended one of their events in Provo a year ago and it was PHENOMINAL! We were definitely enriched by their presentations and activities; oh, and the food was SUPERB!. As a way to say thank you and give back to them, I dedicate this page to the ME organization! You can access their website and get information about their upcoming seminars This organization is a Utah-based non-profit 501c3.

You can donate to this cause by clicking the link below which connects to Joan's Venmo account. P.S. We are working on getting an official Venmo Charity account, but this will certainly do for the mean time. To make it easier to sort, please type in the description, "for ME", or the like. Click here to donate to ME-@Joan-Connolly.

Thank you for your support!!