Individual Sessions

All appointments must be scheduled

Consultation Call/Rezzimax Demo

$0 for 30 min

Thanks for your interest in Dave Weber's Foot Zoning! This schedules you a Free Consultation Call or Rezzimax Tuner Pro Demonstration. This visit helps you understand that basics & benefits of foot zoning and/or the Rezzimax vagal toning device, and to get all of your questions answered. Either can be done in person as well.

Foot Zone Session

$60 for 90 min

Ionic Foot Cleanse

$30 for 30 min

Rezzimax Tuner Pro Session

$20 for 30 min

Health Mentoring Call

$40 for 45 min

If you're looking for the truth about how alternative medicine can help you and many of its tenets such as herbal medicine, nutrition, medicinal foods, and other natural modalities and techniques, then book a Health Mentoring Call with Dave! Can do an in-person mentoring session too.

Bring a Friend!

Couples Foot Zones

$120 for 2 foot zones—you and your spouse, child, friend, etc.

Children 6 and under are $50

Couples Ionic Foot Cleanses

$60 for 2 simultaneous cleanses—you and a loved one.

Children 8-12 are $20 for up to 20 min. These cleanses may not be suitable for children under 8


Sign-up for Deals at your next session

3 Foot Zones

$160 save $20

6 Foot Zones

$310 save $50

9 Foot Zones 

$450 save $90 


3 Ionic Foot Cleanses

$80 save $10

6 Ionic Foot Cleanses

$155 save $25

9 Ionic Foot Cleanses

$225 save $45

*Feel free to share your Deals with your family members and friends! There will be accountability between Dave and the original purchaser of the Deal before someone else may claim to have taken part in your Deal. Thank you!

Sessions for Little Ones

Parental supervision is required

For children ages 6 and younger, Foot Zones are $50. Session time varies but they're usually under 75 min. Ionic Foot Cleanses for children 8-12 are $20 for up to 20 min. These cleanses may not be suitable for children under 8. Rezzimax Sessions are the same as regular—$15 for approx 15 min.

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