Rezzimax Tuner Pro

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   The Rezzimax Tuner Pro is a vagus nerve stimulating, pain-relieving, stress-reducing, healing-promoting device. That was a mouthful! Let's break it down. Our vagus nerve is cranial nerve #10 and is the longest nerve in our bodies. It is responsible for charging up our parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), or, the "rest and digest" state. This is a device that communicates directly to your nervous system with unfathomable amounts of information that your brain recognizes and positively responds to.

   We are bombarded with stress in the 21st century. As we drive a vehicle, and similarly, scrolling through our various social media platforms—both of which we're taking in vast amounts of information—and the demands of everyday life, can bring on a stressed-out state. The stressful state that makes it hard for our bodies to heal and function normally is the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). or, "fight, flight, or freeze" state.

   To help retrain your body to function better, we have the specialized vibrational resonance of the Rezzimax Tuner Pro. It is encoded with the frequency of a cat's purr. Have you ever noticed that when a cat sits on your lap it calms you right down? Now you can harness that calming power with harmonic frequencies in this portable device. (And it's kitty litter-free HAHA!) To tap into this calming and healing technology, you can apply this device on various points on the body. To get a better picture of what this does and how to apply it, go to my digital business card with helpful links.

What are the Rezzimax benefits?


   Foot zoning is my specialty and has been a blessing for all of the issues listed above. Zoning influences the whole body by harmonizing, balancing, and boosting it into functioning the way it should. Having this device compliments the zone and has a synergizing effect; a 1+1=3 thing. It adds to the resting, calming, and healing states that we are so starved from enjoying. This haptic, vagal toning, and nervous system changing device will help bring your "calm" back into balance.

   I am excited to share Rezzimax sessions as part of your foot zone regimen, or as a stand-alone. For a hands-on experience, set up a Free Rezzimax Demonstration.


My healing journey got me into using this device because of being a foot zoner and herbalist. Back in 2020 the Utah Foot Zone Association, UFZA, put on a web conference and we had many different speakers presenting their healing modalities. One of them was a business owner and inventer named Sharik Peck, PT. He had a class on this device and how vibrational resonance can eliminate pain. My impression was mostly the same as with theother presenters, "oh that's cool. Another healing device. It'd be nice to own that along with everything else being shared here today. If only I could afford it all." 

Fast-forward to January '23. I was studying my herbs and found myself on Dr. Patrick Jone's Homegrown Herbalist website, and I noticed that he had the Rezzimax listed as one of his products. "Alright, perhaps there's more to this thing than I realized," I thought. As a few months went by, I was really wanting to offer something new to my practice. So I researched a few really awesome devices for medition and calming the body. I was even considering a foot massager machine for my clients. Then, I want back to the Rezzimax. I watched videos about it, I read articles, and listened to interviews Sharik took part in. "Kimberly, after all of these ponderings about which device I should add to my practice, I REALLY feel good about this one." We sat on that for a month. After that month we still felt good about it, so we bought our first unit. The rest, as they say, is history. I bought this amazing thing primarily because two of my favorite institutions ever, that I trust, recommended it. 

It was worth every penny. Having used it for my digestive system, I was able to quit taking expensive probiotics and enzymes. Kimberly loved it too and kept stealing it from me. So, we got her one. We attended a Rezzimax conference in Sept '23 to get more training on it, get bumped up to the highest affiliate tier, and to receive the newest model for beta testing. 

Be excited, we're excited, there's more to come!

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